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 RLBE 2018上海第六届养生品牌博览会


RLBE 2018 the 6th Shanghai Regimen Living Brand Expo



Directed by:

世界养生协会  全球养生长寿协会  

World Health Association

      Global Health and Longevity Association

中国健康协会  上海市健康产业促进会  

China Health Association  

Shanghai Health Industry Promotion Association

巴马生态养生协作联盟   恩施州硒产业发展联合会  

Bama Eco-Health Care Alliance

      Enshi Selenium Valley Industrial Park Enterprise Association



Organizer: Shanghai Xichun Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.


Exhibition Time: June 27-29, 2018


Exhibition Address: Shanghai New International Exhibition Center (No.2345 Longyang Road)



【Exhibition Introduction】


The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2017 explicitly put forward the implementation of the strategy of "Healthy China" to improve the national health policy and provide all-round full-cycle health services for people. "Healthy China" is no longer just a slogan. It has risen to a high level of national development strategy. We shall adhere to prevention first, advocate healthy and civilized way of life, and implement food safety strategy to promote the orderly development of health industry. The "Healthy China" strategy also clearly states: by 2030, the total scale of the regimen industry will reach 16 trillion. According to relevant reports, now Chinese families invest less than 5% in regimen living! From the view of development trend, regimen industry will enter an accelerated period of development,and trillions of regimen industry are thriving.


Shanghai Regimen Living Brand Expo (abbr.: RLBE) will uphold its usual fine style, relying on "Healthy China" strategic decision-making, professional technical support, strong marketing channels for enterprises to build a "high-quality, efficient, high-lever regimen brand trading platform ". The 6th Shanghai Regimen Living Brand Expo will be transferred to Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition area will be expanded to 20000 square meter, further laying the “Shanghai Regimen Living Brand Expo” in East China's leading position in the industry.


By 2018, everyone should change his mindset and shift the focus to prevention, to create an age where everyone can enjoy regimen Living!



【Exhibition Scope】

养生品牌食品类: 高端滋补、养生黑食、五谷养生、养生饮品、富硒养生、酵素养生。

Regimen brand food categories: high-end nourishing,regimen black food, whole grains, regimen drinks, selenium regimen, enzyme regimen.

Regimen brand supplies and services: regimen products, regimen institutions, regimen advice, OEM service providers.



【Audience Source】


1, Green regimen food chain and operating counters, regimen pavilion, health management chain, private clubs, community supermarket chains and convenience stores, supermarkets, department stores, regimen food wholesale market.


2, Franchisers, agents, distributors, application providers, trading companies with strong reputation and sales network terminal as well as special supply center for regimen food and groups will be invited to visit and negotiate procurement, etc.


3, The technical personnel and senior managers etc.of the import and export trading companies, industry associations, cadres’ sanitarium, nursing homes, sanatoriums, scientific research institutions and the nutrition and health food production enterprises.


4, E-commerce platform, micro-business team, direct marketing agencies, distribution agencies and other procurement groups.


5, Customer service institutions, trade service organizations, gift shops, and important group purchase units, etc.


【Exhibition Stand Charge】


Exhibitor Type


Standard Booth 3m*3m


Raw Space(start from 36㎡)


Domestic Company






Foreign-Capital Enterprise




9㎡标准展位收费包括:展出场地,2.5m高壁板,一条中英文楣板、洽谈桌一张、二把椅子、220V电源插座、射灯二支、展位内满铺地毯;注:双开口展位加20%费用; 9㎡ Standard booth charges including exhibiting venues, 2.5 meters high wall plate, a Chinese and English fascia, one negotiation table, two chairs, 220 v power socket, two spotlights, carpeted booth; Notes: 20% extra fee will be charged for double opening booth;


Raw space does not contain any preparation, and enterprises will design their own decoration (start from 36㎡)




Cover 25000RMB

封一 15000元

The First Cover15000RMB


Title Page 12000RMB


Back Cover 20000RMB

封二 10000元

Inside Front Cover 10000RMB


Color Page 6000RMB


【Exhibition procedures】


1,Exhibitors should fill in the "Exhibition Application Form" and stamp the official seal before scanning or faxing it to the organizing committee. And the participating fee will be remitted to the designated account of the organizing committee within 3 days. The booth allocation shall be arranged in the order of payment to the account. The booths are limited, first-served basis.



2. All exhibitors must be legitimate operators in China and no entity or individual shall be allowed to carry fake and inferior products to the exhibition otherwise, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to cancel the qualification of exhibitors.


如欲订“RLBE 2018”展位和了解更多信息,请通过以下联络方式。

If you are interested in subscribing to the “RLBE 2018” and knowing more information, please contact us through the contact details below:

地址/Add:  上海市浦东新区龙阳路2345号

No.2345, Longyang Road, Pudong New Area,Shanghai
电话/Tel:  (86-21)80312708        联系人/TO:赵宇辉  15921037084         邮箱/E-mail: 1228409427qq.com










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